Don’t Recruit Me

I’ll join your walk team for a charity and your prayer group. I won’t however join your team of disliking others for no reason. I understand we won’t all get along and if you have an issue with someone that’s your issue, own it, because it’s not mine.

Please don’t ask me to join Team _______! Especially if your motive is to bring another person down. I’m not the judge or the jury and whatever struggles you’ve had with that person don’t involve me.

Now if you need advice on how to problem solve, or make a mends I may have some advice to help you, but joining your witch-hunt is not an option.

Often we we force others to pick a side and join the team when they really don’t want to play the game. So remember if you have any issues with someone that’s your cause to mend, don’t recruit friends for a job that is meant for you to handle.



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