I battled infertility, an autism and epilepsy diagnosis for Sydney, a divorce and relocating my family. I’m strong but I’m also human and death is something that hits me hard.

We lost our matriarch and for the past three days I have been in a daze. Not able to write, pray or focus. I am numb. I have peace knowing she’s in heaven. The glow on her face before she was taken away in the hearse was all the confirmation I needed.

This hurts, this hurts my children and all of our family. The memories will always live on, the Sunday dinners and cakes she would bake, her quilts, garden and jars of canned preserves are at the top of the list.

Grandma Bertha always welcomed people into her home, she loved The Lord and always told me to trust Him.

Death is a wake up call. It’s a reminder to let your family know your wishes ahead of time, and a time to reflect and look at the life we are living. If we are Christians, we want to make sure we are walking and living a just life so that we may one day see Jesus face to face.

Losing my MomMom Bertha was a wake up call for me for many reasons. Family has always been first in my life and our family sticks together even after we have disputes. With death often comes clarity. Live life to the fullest, take pictures and gather as a family as often as you can. The time is now to get your affairs in order.



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