My Companion

Dating after divorce is difficult, dating period can be difficult. Dating for a special needs parent has a few more challenges.

I don’t have time to waste so if you’re not jumping on the autism train with us than “Bye Felecia!” Finding the time and energy to date is hard for me and don’t forget finding a babysitter. Harrison asked me if I had any luck in finding a stepdad for them yet. He even offered to babysit Syd for me so I could go on a date, for free. 😉

When my Auntie ReRe came for my grandmother’s funeral a few weeks ago. She said something to me that really resonated with me in regards to my dating life. She said “I’m glad that you allowed God to be your companion and didn’t rush into dating Tom, Dick and Harry.”

I had to pause for a moment to reflect and she was right. If I needed help with decision making I prayed to God about it, I didn’t have a companion to help me make medical and educational decisions about Sydney, my companion doesn’t attend IEP meetings with me or parent teacher conferences. When Harrison is struggling with “guy stuff” I have to pray to God to figure out how to explain this situation to him without traumatizing him for life.

I’ve had a companion that kept my sane and loves me unconditionally and that’s the grace and mercy of God. I also realized I needed to work on some areas in my life and love myself before I could possibly allow someone else to love me. I’m also really good at pushing men away without giving them a chance and that’s something I’m still working on each day. My dating chronicles continue and I’m gathering some blog worthy material.



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