Where’s Harrison?

I had someone ask me the other day “Where’s Harrison?” I’m not sure if this was like a Where’s Waldo question or not. Before they could explain what they meant, I answered their question.

My posts on Instagram and Facebook are about Sydney’s Super Squad and Syd’s milestones living with autism. As well as how our family has progressed over the years. Harrison gives me teenage attitude when I try to take his picture and share what’s going on with his life, and I can respect that, because I can be a little annoying at times.

Harrison likes being behind the scenes and supporting Syd. Where’s Harrison? He’s enjoying peace and quiet in his room. In the past Harrison would close his door to block out the screams, and objects hitting the walls. He would hide his things for fear that Sydney would destroy them, which she often did. Harrison’s enjoying being a kid.

When Sydney came home from an event last night at her high school. Harrison ran downstairs to meet her and ask her all about the event. He went on to tell her how proud he was of her.

Harrison’s isn’t hiding, lost or forgotten. He’s problem solving for our family meetings, he’s focused on studying without tagging along to therapy appointments for Syd and hospital visits.

I have a better balance managing both kids and giving them that one on one time they need. I’m better at parenting, because at times I was a hot mess. Harrison doesn’t like being the center of attention, whereas Sydney is front and center in the spotlight.

Being an autism sibling is a powerful story of love. Harrison’s not forgotten, he’s living his best life.



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