I’m A Slave To My Hair

I’ve shared my black hair chronicles before on my blog. For women our hair is our glory, and for some women it’s our pride and joy. I have memories of getting my hair “pressed” as a little girl with a hot comb on the stove. If I flinched that meant I would have a tiny burn on my ear! It was all to have my hair straight for special occasions.

After mommy pressed my hair you better believe I wasn’t allowed to go outside to play and I better not even think about getting my hair wet. That’s how it all started.

Sydney loves the water and it’s time to sign her up for Special Olympics swimming again. Since she’s been getting her hair straightened she really takes pride in her hair, making sure it looks nice and wanting to be like a typical teenager.

My first reaction to Sydney swimming is that I’m not paying $75 to get your hair straightened for you to jump in water and come out looking like Annie! I guess I’m repeating the same cycle with Sydney.

Does straight hair mean acceptance? Does straight hair make everyone feel comfortable versus a natural fro, dreadlocks or curls?

I had to learn how to embrace my hair at different stages in my life. Yes, I have a few back up wigs in case I’m having a bad hair day. Don’t most women?

I didn’t swim, or go to the gym because of my hair, well maybe not entirely because of my hair. I didn’t want to go through the process of styling my hair after getting it wet or from sweating it out. Yes, I’ve slept in a chair before, because I was so concerned about messing up my hair. #hotmess

I didn’t want Sydney growing up thinking her hair wasn’t beautiful. If she’s wearing her natural curls or straighten hair she knows she’s beautiful.

I’m no longer a slave to my hair and that finally feels amazing. Straight, kinky curly, or frizzy, I love my hair.



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