Oh No, Not A Daddy Daughter Dance

Sydney really enjoys cheerleading. Her gym has been such a blessing. They have embraced the cheerabilities team and support them 100% at competitions.

I’m always overcome with emotions when Syd competes. She looks like all of the other girls. You don’t see autism, you see Sydney.

I’m not sure if I was an emotional wreck yesterday at her competition or not. While we were waiting for the awards presentation all of the teams meet on the floor and they dance to the Wobble, Cupid Shuffle etc.

They announced for the dads to dance with their daughters. I’m not sure if it was for the younger kids but the look on, Sydney’s face broke my heart. Yes, she has autism but she understands what’s going on around her.

Part of me wanted to grab Sydney and dance with her, since I have to be the mama and the daddy. I had a flashback to our first year in Delaware when her school had a Daddy Daughter Dance. Harrison went with her and her teacher supported her at the dance as well.

Sydney wasn’t the only girl not dancing with her father yesterday, but in my head she was. I admit I felt heartbroken for her. The million dollar question would be if she would mention her dad to me later that evening.

She was exhausted from the day but before she went to bed. She went through her echolalia of “My dad, that’s my dad.”

Divorce is difficult and autism and divorce can be really tough. I know she will see other daddy daughter moments but I want her to be better prepared on how to react. Or maybe I should be better prepared.

My journey definitely has crooked paths at time. As long as I stay on the course, and keep the faith. My crooked paths will become straight again.



3 thoughts on “Oh No, Not A Daddy Daughter Dance

  1. Wow, I can’t imagine how you both felt. I never had a dad in my life, but then again there were no daddy daughter dances either! Stay strong sis!

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