Where’s The Easter Basket?

“Don’t forget our Easter basket!” Harrison and Sydney sorry to disappoint but the Easter basket days are over. Did you forget?

I stopped doing Easter baskets for my kids three years ago. I was mom shamed a few days ago, because evidently you can give your kids Easter baskets until they are 21.

I guess I won’t get mother of the year, but that’s okay! They actually forgot about Easter baskets and decorating eggs, they don’t even like jelly beans.

I think I was making baskets because Pinterest said I should. I’m happy for you if you’re still doing baskets for your kids, but please respect the fact that I’m done with that and I think my kids will be okay.

Now I still get them an Easter outfit and this time they picked it out for themselves. I’m not sure what sparked their interest in asking me where’s their basket. Maybe it was the creepy bunny on a billboard they saw when we were in the car the other day. I told them when we decorate eggs I am the only one that ever eats them. Can’t I just take you to Walgreens to pick out your own candy?

I’m really not a bad mom, but I was saving money for our weekend trip to NYC. So far they haven’t asked about Easter bunny anything. Last night walking in Astoria we saw a live version of the Stations of the Cross. The music, the people, the prayers and the statues that they carried put the Easter Celebration into perspective for all of us.

Easter baskets or no Easter baskets it’s your own personal preference. I’m glad I didn’t spend money on Easter baskets for my kids and I didn’t cave into mommy peer pressure.

Happy Easter



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