I’ve Been Broken

I grew up believing that broken crayons didn’t color. I was the kid that would have a panic attack when my pencil broke in school. I was taught that broken was not good enough.

It wasn’t until I was much older that I realized beautiful things happen once you’ve been broken. I was broken making decisions about my life, battling infertility, on our family autism journey and surviving my divorce.

All of those situations added value to my life and a perspective that I would have never noticed if my soul hadn’t been broken into a million pieces. I was worse than Humpty Dumpty shattered in a million pieces.

The minute I put one piece of my life back together, another area of my life would crumble. When you’re broken, you feel hopeless and that’s a scary feeling to have.

One night after many tears I realized that broken crayons still color and that if I could put the pieces of my life back together slowly and carefully. Then I would be just fine.

Now when I look into the mirror, I notice the gold that has repaired my broken pieces and I see beauty. Are you feeling broken today? You’re not alone and you will be able to put the pieces of your life back together no matter how many pieces shattered around you.

Today you are no longer broken. You are whole and you are enough.



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