Raise Your White Flag

I think that it is time that I carry a white flag around with me just in case I need to surrender. This past week I had many things to rejoice about, but I also had situations that left me baffled and ready to ask for a truce.

In the past I would say Bye Felecia under my breathe or even aloud. Then I would move along on my merry way.

I believe in second chances because I would want someone to give me a second chance when I screw up and ask for forgiveness. I’ve noticed a trend lately that when you are nice and give people that second chance they come back a third time only to go for the jugular vein.

I struggle with confrontation that’s why I stayed in a failing marriage for so long. When someone acts in a shady manner. My first response is that I want to tell them how I feel, but at the same time I know that it won’t change their behavior because they didn’t consider my feelings in the first place.

How do I handle the hurt and disappointment? From now on I’ll be waving my white flag as I walk away without looking back.

Remember waving a white flag isn’t a sign of weakness. It just might be your wisest move yet.



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