My Future

I never realized the importance of an anchor. An anchor is used to moor the vessel to the sea bottom. An anchor leg of a relay is the fastest runner who is able to make up time in the race and finish strong.

I think about the weight on my shoulders and how I have to anchor my spirit in faith in order to survive.

The future that I planned for myself looks different from what I had imagined. Decisions must be made, fears have to be crushed and I must take chances that some think are crazy.

Moving forward I need a certain grit, bravery, determination and strength of character to confront my situation. I don’t fear the future I welcome it now.

You may feel like your life isn’t going in the direction that you planned. It doesn’t mean that your life is over. It means you must choose a different anchor to ground yourself for the journey ahead.

Not everyone in your circle will be able to join you as you move forward in your journey. Don’t change your course and it’s okay to move forward blindfolded. Doing that means that you have truly released your fears and you are ready to walk into your greatness.


~ Brooke

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