To Teach Or Not To Teach

If you asked me last year if I was returning to teaching I wasn’t sure of my answer at the time. This time last year I wasn’t sure if Harrison, Sydney and I would still be living in Delaware.

My passion to be an autism advocate, and work with special needs families is a full time job. It is a full time job that I love. It doesn’t pay me financially, but it is very rewarding. I know I’m doing what God called me to do.

Last year when I found out that I was going back to teach second grade, in my own classroom. I was thrilled! It was my time to get my teacher groove back and that’s just what I did. I’m not ashamed or embarrassed for feeling burned out or feeling like I wasn’t doing all that I could. I will never apologize for my feelings.

This past school year I taught ELA in my classroom and my amazing partner Dayna taught them Math, Science and Social Studies. I worked with 40 amazing students and their families.

I found myself wanting to make the classroom my own. When you walked in room 138, I wanted you to feel a sense of peace and that’s just what I accomplished.

This year I was able to get control of what I lost the previous year. I wasn’t praying for God to get me through each day. I was praying for God to use me and give me wisdom.

I still had the same challenges of being a single mom, advocating for Sydney and autism and helping Harrison battle through his struggles as well. This time I worked smarter not harder. I stayed two steps ahead. I embraced the new curriculum, and thought outside of the box when I needed to.

Was it because I was only focused on teaching my two favorite subjects? Was it reading through my personal teaching journals from 1996, that reminded me that I answered my calling to teach?

I may never know the answer. I can definitely say that I needed to hit a low as a teacher and go through struggles last year. This year I took my power back, stood by my beliefs and let God use me for His glory!

This past school year was one of the most rewarding teaching experiences for me. I had the opportunity to foster relationships with students and families that I worked with last year in first grade. I was able to use my advocacy skills and knowledge that I’ve learned to create plans for my students.

I recently found out that I’ll be teaching second grade ELA again next year. I did a praise dance after I heard the news. As I begin to close out the school year and pack up my classroom. I’ve already thought about things I want to implement for next year.

To all of my teacher friends near and far summer is here! Use this time to reflect, relax and release all of the tension, stress and drama from the year. Enjoy your families, read a book, write a book create a bucket list separate from your family! Do you! We earned it!



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