Relax, Relate, Release

The PTO gifted the teachers with a chair massage session yesterday. When I signed up for my session I was excited. After working in my classroom for two hours before my appointment time. I kept thinking I don’t want anyone touching me. I’m sweating and feel gross.

Two other members on my team were coming too, so I thought this will be fun. While I waited my turn I noticed Amina one of the massage therapists and I thought I’m waiting for her. Now I know what men mean when they wait in the barber shop for “that” barber. I was waiting on Amina, I didn’t know why yet but I was waiting.

The first thing I do when I meet someone is pick up on their energy. Do you give off a positive and peaceful vibe? Or do you give off toxic and negative energy? I noticed Amina was giving off this Eryka Badu vibe and I needed some tranquility to get me through the day.

Amina was the best! I tuned out everyone in the room and focused on the smells of chamomile and lavender. I listened to the tranquil music as the massage began.

I think Amina asked me three times to relax and I’m thinking, “Sistah, this is relaxed for me!” Then I began to worry that I was going to run out of time so I released everything and relaxed.

I was calm and relaxed. I didn’t realize how much tension was in my shoulder. As she worked out the knots of tension. I decided to work out some knots in my life!

I worked out the knot of fear and doubt. I worked out the knot of autism and the knot that is causing my children stress. I released the knot of the stress of being a single mom. I released the knot of dealing with Father’s Day this year with Harrison and Syd. During that time I had a relax, relate, release and come to Jesus moment.

Everyone has a ministry and a calling. Amina’s gift helped me release the physical and mental knots in my life!

I will be sure to take time to visit her again. What knots are holding you hostage?



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