Halfway There

Sydney’s new wake up time this summer is 4:30 am! Hello summer and thank you Jesus I’m a teacher on summer vacation. I made a bucket list of things to do and I haven’t been able to check off many things from the list.

I think that it took the first two weeks of summer vacation to “get my mind right”. I admit I just wanted to do nothing and it felt good and I didn’t feel guilty. Then I got our family on a “relaxed” schedule for the summer.

My teacher friend Stephanie posted about a new planner. That was my reminder that I had a gift card and a coupon that would soon expire. I decided to buy my teacher planner for the school year.

Well, that prompted my back to school nightmare when I took my afternoon nap that day. It could have also been the heat index.

I just know I woke up sweating that it was so hot at Meet the Teacher, that I fainted and my wig fell off and my students were traumatized. When I woke up I grabbed my hair and remembered I was wearing my natural hair. Secondly, I glanced at my phone, it was Thursday afternoon in July and I was still on summer vacation. Praise Him!!!! Won’t He do it!

So, teachers as we approach the halfway point of our summer rejuvenation, you have my permission to buy one item for your classroom and work on one school project. That’s it!!!

I’m looking forward to the weeks ahead that are filled with appointments, naps, family and fun!



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