Riding In The Stables


If you have been following my blog, you know there is always a blog about my fitness journey or should I say adventures. Well, today I joined my friends Debbie, Rene, and Kelly for a spin class. I admit my anxiety was through the roof. I was worried about my heart monitor and I was leaving Harrison and Sydney at home while I went to the class. I called my friends Rachel and Katie to make sure they would be on standby just in case Harrison needed anything. Harrison and Sydney were perfectly fine while I was away.

I made it to The Stables Studio and when I walked in, I loved the vibe. I was glad that we would be riding in the dark, so no one could see me. Lindsey, the instructor was amazing and encouraging the entire time. Plus, I had my girls checking on me and my heart monitor. Thank God my friend Debbie is a nurse, so I knew I was in good hands.

I found my bike and was ready to get started. I was thinking there is no way my fat ass will be okay on this seat. I know you’re not supposed to be sitting down during the class, but I was a beginner and I had to take it slow. I think the music and the vibe of the room was crucial, it kept me hyped!  I was staring at the mirror in front of me and I think it helped because the class wasn’t crowded. I didn’t focus on what everyone else was doing I was going at my own pace and in competition with myself.

I said I prayer that I wouldn’t die and that Harrison and Sydney were okay and devoted the next 45 minutes to myself. I was riding, enjoying the jams and then my heart monitor fell off into my bra!!! Here I was trying to find the monitor in my bra, attach it back on, keep on the beat and follow the directions. I was losing momentum, but I kept going. It felt good to sing, ride and focus on me. I gave it my all, but I know I was worried about the heart monitor falling off again and my lady parts were not liking that bike seat at all.

On the mirror in the class I kept reading the sign, “Speed doesn’t matter. Forward is forward.” This hit home and I kept going. I had a revelation that I was so glad I wasn’t wearing a wig, because I would have pulled that off after ten minutes of riding. I wasn’t worried if my hair would turn into an Afro puff. I was rocking my natural hair and pink earrings and I felt free.

As I pedaled, I thought about the things that are on the horizon for me. It helped me to pedal faster at times. Then the heart monitor would fall off again reminding me to slow my ass down. I didn’t even say “Jesus take the wheel”, not once!

Today I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried something new. I gave it my all and I am proud of what I achieved today. No matter where you are on your fitness journey, start somewhere, at your comfort level and find what works best for you. This time last year I would have never been able to complete that class. I wouldn’t have been motivated to try and would have felt guilty about leaving Harrison and Sydney.

Today I feel bad ass, even though my ass hurts!



2 thoughts on “Riding In The Stables

  1. Brooke you did great and I sure enjoyed reading this. I lmao a few times while reading and remembering years ago. I was of course much younger, in my 30s probably. I had started working out in my mid 20s and crowds were no problem but in my 30s I would hide if I could, lol. In my early 50s at it again and didn’t care again if I fell stumbled or got hurt, I just kept going. Along the way something would come up to stop me. Well I’m going to go at it once again and pray I don’t quit this time around. I might even join you I’ve say 😊.


    1. Hey Delma, thanks for your comment! It was a huge victory for me to take the class and not reward myself with ice cream after. 🤷🏽‍♀️ I definitely want to try another class and hopefully it will get easier!! You’ve got this!!! We both do. 😊


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