Who Needs Match.com When You’re Wearing A Heart Monitor

I am not sure if it is my heart monitor or my short natural hairstyle, but this sista was asked out on five dates this week. Holla!!!!  Before you get all excited two of those invites don’t count. One little boy was thirty years old! Bless his little heart.  Another gentlemen was a little “suspect”, he was looking around like he was wanted by the police or checking to see if his wife was coming. So, that brings me to the top three.

Now hold the excitement because this blog in not about my dating life. It is about why I am wearing this fashionable heart monitor. Stay tuned for the dating blog!  Last year I had a health scare that I didn’t share with many people.  After ignoring the signs and having a few fainting spells I decided to see a cardiologist. After several tests, the results came back abnormal.

In my mind I thought, I will handle this later, I don’t have time to take off from work. I need to save my days because I will need them for Sydney’s appointments. I’ve got time. Then I re-discovered the importance of self care and I made myself a priority.  This week I went back to see my cardiologist, with the prompting of my good friend Debbie and things were good and the heart ultrasound results looked great.

Dr. Meng is thorough and he listens to me. He ordered another heart ultrasound for next week, follow up labs, and of course me wearing this wonderful heart monitor for fourteen days. As I waited to get the heart monitor on, I thought about  how many times I didn’t listen to the signs of my body, how many times I canceled appointments and said it can wait. As women we all are guilty of doing this, but we need to put ourselves first. I am in no way the poster child for perfect health. There are still areas that I am slowly working on to improve. I share part of my story because I want you to be in tune with your body and accept when things feel wrong and take care of your body immediately.

I believe that there is good that comes out of every situation. My heart was broken a long time ago and I have been putting the pieces back together just like Humpty Dumpty for years. Now I feel stronger and so does my heart!



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