I Am A Crayola Not A RoseArt

I buy off brand, and store brands if it’s cheaper. There’s no shame in my game there. I don’t need designer things, so that the label shows for all to see. If you do see me with a designer anything it was given to me, or I bought it on clearance from Marshall’s.

Some days you have to remind yourself and others that you are a Crayola crayon not a RoseArt! You have bright colors and you don’t break easily. You have thick skin and it won’t peel off that easy. You are a Crayola!!!!

I know people think a crayon is a crayon but RoseArt crayons don’t work well. I know they are cheaper but sometimes you need to splurge an extra 50 cents and upgrade to Crayola.

Remember don’t settle for being a RoseArt when you were born to be a Crayola!!!



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