Tell Me Something Good

What’s your something good? A job, your spouse, a friendship, a relationship or your peace of mind? Have you ever thought the grass was greener on the other side? I have and guess what it wasn’t. The grass looked greener, but it was far from better. Now I’m not telling you not to leave your … More Tell Me Something Good

I Was Looking Cute!

This was Saturday I was ready for the weekend. I just knew I was looking cute!!! Fast forward to yesterday I looked like a chipmunk with a swollen face, bags under my eyes from crying and my anxiety at the highest. My last two wisdom teeth needed to come out and I was walking around … More I Was Looking Cute!

Project Plus 1

I can go to a function not know anyone and walk out with three new friends. Even when I go to events alone trying to enjoy “me” time, I still manage to find myself in the middle of a conversation with complete strangers. I’m so excited to go to a wedding of a dear friend … More Project Plus 1