Mammograms, Nursing Bras and Tinker Bell

Last week Thursday I went for my scheduled mammogram appointment. Since mommy is a breast cancer survivor. I make sure to complete my monthly exams and keep all appointments.

Sydney joined me at my appointment last week and so did a small Tinker Bell doll that was giving her a sense of comfort. That’s autism and we were rolling with it.

Sydney did great while I had the mammogram. She sat outside the door and I would ask her questions to make sure she didn’t run off!🤦🏾‍♀️ Plus it kept my mind off of the fact that my boob was stuck to the machine.

The next day I was riding on the train to NYC. My doctor’s office called and left a message and then the imaging center called and left a message. I knew I had to listen to the messages. Sure enough my test came back abnormal and there was an image that they needed to take a closer look at.

Immediately I thought my weekend getaway without the kids is now ruined. In my head I was thinking the worst, planning my funeral and wondering who would sing a solo!

It was in the middle of Penn Station that I had a little talk with Jesus. I called to schedule the follow up mammogram and ultrasound appointment. Of course they had an appointment Monday morning at 8:00 am, but that was my first day back at work. I would have to wait until today for my 8:00 am appointment.

Back to school teacher stress is real and adding on this medical bump in the road wasn’t what I needed. After I prayed I went to work smiling and had a great but exhausting week. I was so busy I didn’t have time to talk negatively about the appointment and the outcome.

Today my sissy came with me to my appointment. Mommy took the kids for back to school hair appointments. Here’s where the nursing bra comes in. I finished the mammogram and was waiting for the ultrasound. I left my phone and bag with my sissy, so all I could do was wait and fold my clothes over and over again.

That’s when I noticed my cute new bra I got from Target and began to examine it closer. What are these snaps for? Does it turn into a strapless bra too? That’s a bonus, no that’s not a bonus this is a freaking nursing bra!!! At that point I laughed so hard I was crying and the technician was trying to console me because she thought I was scared. I didn’t have the nerve to tell her about the nursing bra.

After the ultrasound there was more waiting. I asked my sissy to come back with me to get the results. I was waiting for the radiologist to read the results and then I would speak to him on the phone.

It was like a scene from Greys Anatomy. He was so formal and prolonged the results for a dramatic ending. Praise God the image that they saw on the previous scan wasn’t there anymore. I will admit when I saw the scan for myself today and saw the area that they circled. I was fearful of what they would find. Won’t He Do it!!!!

My message is to check your breasts monthly, schedule your mammogram appointment on time and when buying bras, don’t let the cute color fool you read all of the tags.



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