Not Karen Again

Some of the latest memes I shared on Facebook, have referenced Karen. I remember sharing a meme or blogging about one and my friend Karen gave me some attitude about it, in a friendly way. 😊

I couldn’t help it. I liked the meme, and it wasn’t directed at her. I told her last year not to worry, something would happen and she would make the blog. Well, here you go Karen.

Yesterday at work I sat in my classroom for at least thirty minutes deciding where to put a bookcase and another thirty minutes trying to remember where I put my stapler remover. I was a hot mess literally and figuratively.

Karen and I go way back. She was Sydney’s occupational therapist, five years ago. This summer she tagged me in a post for pencil holders for the desk. When I saw the idea. I loved it and she said she would help me set them up.

When she stopped by my room the first time to get started my desks still weren’t arranged. I told her just to get started and I would arrange the desks later. Well, later came and went and Karen came back to visit my room. She gave me a look, like why aren’t these desk arranged yet!

I think I was hangry, hot and needed a nap. Karen jumped in and told me we were arranging the desks now! I’m not one to ask for help. Especially when everyone else is extremely busy.

Karen was my life saver today. A simple, but firm gesture kicked me in gear. I thanked her so many times because I really appreciated it.

It gets better, when Karen left I checked my phone and received a text from my friend Kathleen. She told me she prayed for me that I would get things organized in my room and not focus on the room but focus on the love for my students.

In that moment my heart palpitations stopped and I focused on one activity at a time. God is good because my friends Tanya, Elisabeth and Peggy all stopped by my room with a kind gesture of support. I immediately started asking them what can I do to help you or how can I pay you back. They weren’t looking for anything in return. They were being kind!

Later that day I had duplicates of things that I gave away to another teacher and on my way home I paid for the person’s coffee behind me.

The moral of this blog is to stop giving Karen a hard time. No, not really. Remember you never know that your smile, a compliment, or a small gesture of offering to help someone can come at the perfect time and help to turn their day around.



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