Falling In Love With Fall

Don’t get me wrong pumpkins are nice, but I like sweet potato pie better. Fall is great for football. I love football, the college games and especially when The Detroit Lions win!

The season of Fall and I don’t get along. All that pumpkin spice this and that. The smell of a pumpkin candle makes me nauseous. Is it just me?

Fall brings about change and change is good. My friend told me that I needed to fall in love with Fall. He said I needed to embrace the cool weather, the leaves falling and start new things.

I’m trying my best y’all to fall in love with Fall, but a sista is struggling. Fall to me represents a dark and depressing time. Is it possible I don’t like Fall because I spent two months in the NICU with Harrison when he was born?

I am going to approach the season with fresh eyes and change my attitude. I did eat a pumpkin donut so that’s a great start. Next, I’ll buy a flannel shirt from Old Navy and I’ll be ready to conquer the season.

Do you struggle with Fall? I think it’s better to acknowledge it and be okay with it, so you can move on and enjoy October. For me I’m fine when November comes because I love Thanksgiving.

Today I decided to fall in love with Fall one day at a time.



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