A Mother’s Love

Harrison Noah made me a mommy when I was thirty years old, that was seventeen years ago. I admit I had given up hope of becoming a mom. Fibroid tumors, scar tissue and blocked Fallopian tubes would be the reasons why.

I think God made me wait four years to make sure that I was ready to be a mom. God was making sure that I knew the true meaning of sacrifice and love for another human more than myself.

Harrison is an amazing son and big brother to Sydney. He’s more than an autism sibling, he advocates for Sydney and other families living with autism.

I admit I feel old when I think that my son is 17 years old today. Next year he will graduate and begin a new phase of his life. Will that journey keep him in Delaware or will he return home to Michigan? I’m praying that God order his steps with that decision.

Tonight I was ready to take him out to dinner and he told me to just order in. He’s so appreciative of the smallest gestures and he loves his new Michigan gear Sydney picked out.

Today I celebrate Harrison Noah for being a change maker in our world. I’m blessed to be his mom!



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