Single Mom Confession

It will be six years since my divorce. A lot has changed for our family in six years. The fear of “what if” hasn’t gone away. My story didn’t end like a fairy tale but I still love my story and can’t wait for the plot twist and the ending. Being an autism mom is … More Single Mom Confession

An Excerpt From….

Is he really taking the skillet? I bought that black cast iron skillet. I need that skillet to make my cornbread for Thanksgiving. If I was ghetto fabulous. I would hit him in the head with this skillet. Remember, classy not trashy. My parents didn’t raise me like that. Okay, Brooke just breathe. He’s really … More An Excerpt From….

My Big Mama

Does every black family have a Big Mama?  When I was growing up I thought that all families had a Big Mama.  Are you wondering what a Big Mama is?  It has nothing to do with her weight.  Big Mama is a term of endearment.  My Big Mama was named Lizzie Butler.  She was my … More My Big Mama