Feeling Homesick

I wasn’t sure why I felt a little sad the other day. Then a song came on my playlist and it reminded me of home, Michigan. The song brought back so many memories and I immediately started calling my friends back home. Just hearing their voices would make it better I was sure of it, … More Feeling Homesick

I Killed Nemo

On this trip to Michigan. I pushed the limits. I pushed the number of activities that we did each day. I was doing my best to see everyone in one week. Day 5 of the trip was when reality returned. You see I thought we were normal. We were on vacation. We enjoyed seeing family … More I Killed Nemo

We’re Going Home

Detroit, Michigan here we come! 58 days until we return to Michigan.  I’m proud to say that I was born and raised in Detroit.  For over twenty years I lived in Southfield, Michigan. That is where my kids and I call home.   We haven’t been back to Michigan since April 2017.  The first time  … More We’re Going Home