We’re Going Home


Detroit, Michigan here we come! 58 days until we return to Michigan.  I’m proud to say that I was born and raised in Detroit.  For over twenty years I lived in Southfield, Michigan. That is where my kids and I call home.  

We haven’t been back to Michigan since April 2017.  The first time  returning home was emotional.  I had to face Rob for the first time after the divorce. I wasn’t sure how the kids would react to the visit.  We went back to our home and that was hard.  Everything was different and it was hard for the kids to see. I pray that they don’t ask to visit Green Valley this trip.  Rob sold the house and now that is in the past for us.  



The day we were coming back to Delaware, the kids and I checked out of the hotel.  We stood in the dark, cold air outside of the hotel waiting for Rob to pick us up.  Our flight  was scheduled to leave at 7:45 am. Rob never showed up.  Harrison fought back the tears and said maybe this was a sign that we are supposed to stay.  In my head I was thinking this is why we need to get the hell out of dodge! I called my friend Petra and she rescued us and we made our flight on time.  

On our next visit the kids will have a chance to see Rob’s family. They are excited to meet their new cousins and see Buddy, Rob’s mom and their aunts. I know his family will be surprised to see how much they have grown.

Pierogis, coney island, faygo, Vincentes cuban food and music, Buddy’s Pizza, The Original Pancake House, Trader Joe’s wine selection and the list goes on and on.  Do you notice a trend?  I want to come back home to eat and drink!

Seriously, I am excited to see downtown Detroit, ride on Woodward and Telegraph roads.  I can’t wait to see the lakes, visit Belle Isle and look over at Canada.  Oh, the sounds and smells of the big city. I miss it and I love it.

The kids are ready for the airplane ride. I had them make a list of what they wanted to do while visiting. Harrison said he wants to see his friends from St. Hugo, his family and play with his cousins.  If there is time he said maybe go to The Detroit Zoo and eat at Vinsetta Garage on Woodward.

Sydney has made a list of people that she wants to see.  Sorry if you didn’t make the list, but Princess Sydney has spoken. It was amazing at how much she recalled about Michigan.  She named Inglenook Park, University of Michigan, Ruth Chris Steakhouse, and of course her family and friends.

What am I looking forward to the most about the trip?  The week will serve as an opportunity to bring closure to a few things in my life.  It will allow me to reunite with my friends from elementary, middle, and high school.  I will see my college friends and friends that have been in my life for as long as I can remember.  I am praying that I get to see my neighbors from East Outer Drive!  That would be amazing.   I even want to learn a new Detroit Hustle dance while I am there.  How will I see everyone?  Maybe we should park next to the fireworks tent on Woodward somewhere and people could stop by and say hello?




I’ve decided to mail myself postcards from Michigan each day to recap the highlights of our trip. Plus it will give us a great souvenir from Michigan. I am sure I will have adventures to blog about as well.   

So get ready Michigan. Copher’s Community is coming your way!  June 21-June 28

Please message me if you would like to meet up. My goal is to see as many people as possible. I will have to create an itinerary. This will really help Sydney and keep us all organized. In the words of Sydney, “Let’s get this party started!”


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