I Killed Nemo


On this trip to Michigan. I pushed the limits. I pushed the number of activities that we did each day. I was doing my best to see everyone in one week.

Day 5 of the trip was when reality returned. You see I thought we were normal. We were on vacation. We enjoyed seeing family and friends. And even met new people. We were normal.

Sydney adjusted to the different homes that we visited. She didn’t let the crowds bother her. Instead of being in Australia. She made sure she went to the same area as all of the kids.

Then it happened. It’s when the look in her eyes changed. A seizure was coming and we had to cut our visit short.

After that it seemed like every sound or smell was a trigger. And she was in sensory overload. She did however, sleep until 6:30 am all week. Thank you Jesus!

We were staying with my girlfriend Diana. We’ve been friends since high school. Her entire family embraced autism and epilepsy. Harrison and Sydney had a great time and felt at home.

Sydney was trying to relax. None of us noticed that Sydney fed Nemo the fish.
Well, she fed Nemo almost an entire container of food! Thank goodness the kids noticed.  Diana quickly rushed to save Nemo.  Poor little fellow was probably choking on fish food, and pooping out fish food. We were all standing around the fish tank.   It was like a Grey’s Anatomy episode.

When I asked Syd if she fed the fish. She said the fish was hungry. I told her that was nice but we didn’t want the fish to die.

Then it happened. She was truly sorry for feeding the fish. She knew she had done something wrong. She started yelling “I killed Nemo! The fish needs food! Get the fish tank.”

This went on for 15 minutes. Next was the heavy breathing and crying. She cried herself to sleep. Which took at least an hour.

We were on vacation for one week.  Syd only had two meltdowns, none in public.  That is a huge improvement for her.  Part of it is her maturity and her increased communication with us.

Before she went to bed. She came to see that Nemo was alive and she told Nemo she was sorry. I’m glad she read the bottle and wanted to feed him fish food. I just wish she would have come to me first and asked “Does the fish need food?” I believe she’s capable of doing that. Or is it just wishful thinking?

I think she learned that her actions affect others. Diana’s family was super and supportive. I was praying to the angels and saints that we could save Nemo. And we did.

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