Why I Write


I was the student that was always excited to have a brand new sharpened pencil in my  hand.  I remember being in kindergarten  with all of my sharpened pencils lined up on my desk along  with a new pink block eraser.  The sight of the point on the pencil becoming dull always made me sad.  But on the other hand, I was happy because that meant I was writing a lot.  I was not quite sure what letters I was writing down in kindergarten.  But to me I was writing a story.

The joy of writing made me feel peaceful.  As the years went on receiving a new notebook or piece of brown handwriting paper made me jump for joy on the inside.  You see to me that piece of paper was a symbol of an empty canvas for me to write a story, a poem, a song,  or about a personal experience.  But my favorite was creating lists.  Lists of the men I would marry, the name of my kids, and listing my favorite songs and bands. All of the silly things that little girls do, right?

As an adult writing is therapeutic.  Not only can I express my feelings down on paper.  Writing allows me to journal thoughts and ideas to write about at a later time.  Beside my bed are three journals.  One is for autism, one for teaching and one for life and all that goes with it. Many of my ideas come to me at night.  Mainly because my daughter Sydney doesn’t sleep well.  You will learn more about my children, Harrison and Sydney in future posts.  So, when a topic or phrase comes into my mind, I at least write it down and jot ideas for me to expand on  later.  My blog is inspired by the life I have lived on this earth for 44 years.

See, I knew I wanted to be a writer in kindergarten.  There was a poetry contest and I entered not knowing what an impact that would have on my life.  My poem was about our pet dog Victor, that had run away from home.  Here’s my first writing as an author.

Victor, O’ Victor

Victor, O’ Victor, where have you gone?

Victor, O Victor where have you roamed?

Mommy is crying and I’m almost dying.

Victor, O’ Victor please come home.

I won first place for that poem.  I remember receiving the certificate and trophy that Ms. Comstock, my teacher  gave me. I was so proud walking across the stage  with my pigtails, and green flared pants on.  It was a day that changed my life. I am here to open up my soul to the world, to encourage, inspire, motivate,  or make you laugh or cry.  This has been A Woman’s Work in the Making!

Remember: Find your passion and make a difference.


9 thoughts on “Why I Write

  1. Brooke,
    Congratulations on your blog and your very first post! I must admit- I’m not much of a “blog reader”, but your writing is so inspirational; I find myself reading them all- from beginning to end. So happy that you have followed your heart and your passion. It will surely be a blessing to others! Love ya!


  2. Thank you for sharing your innermost thoughts desires and dreams. You’re an inspiration!! I look forward to reading more. I admire you. Even though I ‘m technically older I’ve always and will continue to “look up” to you. Miss you guys. Hugs and kisses.


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