What is your vision?


Did you know that the sky is the limit to what you can have?  So when I started thinking about creating a vision board, I wanted to think big. Now if your vision can fit on a poster board or an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper that’s great.  But I was thinking big.  I bought a trifold, like I was ready for a 5th grade science project.  My vision is big so I had to have enough room to display it.  After I gathered my PEOPLE magazines, scrapbook paper, cute scissors and glue, I grabbed my Bible.  I wanted to display a scripture on my vision board that I could meditate on and reread on days when I needed motivation.  I chose Habakkuk 2: 1-3.  This scripture speaks of recording your vision and that the vision is yet for an appointed time, even it tarries, wait for it because it will surely come.  Doesn’t that sound like life?  We have to be patient and wait for things to happen.  If you aren’t familiar or comfortable using the Bible.  Start in the Psalms.  I suggest Psalms 23, 91 or 100.  Don’t have a Bible, google it.  Find a scripture that speaks to your heart.  If that doesn’t work for you try writing a personal mission statement to attach to your vision board. You can also use your favorite quotes or lyrics from a song.  As long as it has meaning to you and represents your vision.

I created this vision board above when we moved to Delaware.  I started out first with my wine and Maxwell playing on my playlist.  Yes, I am a Christian and I drink wine.  I began to cut out words, phrases, pictures, anything that caught my attention.  Many of the phrases that are on my vision board inspired the  journal entries for my blog.   I included my children to add things to the vision board because the dynamics of our family had changed and we were starting over.  Harrison named our vision board “The Oasis of Happiness”.

There are many things on the vision board that I have seen improve in our lives.  There are two big things that we wrote on sticky notes that are now a reality for us.  Last year I wrote “adaptive bike for Syd” on a post it note.  Many of you know with the help of some amazing people in Delaware, Jennifer Boileau and Prestons March for Energy, that Sydney received a pink adaptive bike last week.  Our second big wish was for a family trip to Disney before the kids graduated from high school.  With the generosity of the Sunshine Foundation, Sydney was granted her wish to go to Disney World.  She can finally see  The Magic Kingdom and Harrison can enjoy his interests at the other parks too.

Don’t hold your vision in your head.  Pray about what you want and believe that you will receive it at the appointed time.  Your vision board is yours. So own it!  It is up to you if you choose to to share it with those you love.  Look at me I just shared my vision board with all of you.  Remember as your path changes so can your vision board.  My vision board is kept in my office. It is a daily reminder of what I am striving for.

So, on the next rainy day, grab your magazines, or markers and create your vision board.  You can even turn it into a Girls Night In event with wine!

Create your vision today. Don’t delay because the sky is the limit to what you can have.

I took this picture this morning to remind myself that the sky is the limit to what I can have and to always look up to the heaven.



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