Dear Delaware,


This is my apology letter to Delaware. I must admit that I didn’t seek first to understand how things were done in Delaware when I moved here.  You see I am a city girl, born and raised.  That fast paced city life is what I love.  I must say that we love living in Delaware now.  Our paths have crossed with some truly amazing people.  We are thankful to God for answering our prayers.  Hopefully you will laugh at some of the silly things that “I wondered” about Delaware.  Keep in mind this was at a time when my world had just fallen apart.  My fairy tale life didn’t end in “happily ever after”.  So I think I was trying to make a case for why we shouldn’t move.  Here goes….

I couldn’t believe that Delaware didn’t have an airport. What state doesn’t have an airport?   You have to drive to  Philly or Baltimore to catch a flight!  Now, I realize that the distance from my home to the Philly airport,  is probably the same as me leaving Southfield and going to Metro airport.  It really isn’t that bad.


It has been three years and I still don’t know which new station to watch to tell me what is going on in Delaware.  I am watching the news from Jersey, Philadelphia and Baltimore, I don’t know.  So I just go on Facebook to find out what is happening in Delaware. That is much easier than watching the news.

Let’s talk about sports.  The Blue Rocks are the minor league baseball team in Delaware and that’s it.  There might be some other teams that I am not aware of. For football you are either an Eagles or Ravens fans.  I do enjoy going to Huddle Up for Autism with The Eagles, so  we cheer for the Eagles.  But not when they are playing against the Lions.  Go Redskins, Giants and Cowboys, I like to watch those teams too.  But I was told not to wear or cheer for those teams now that I live in Delaware.  For baseball you either love the Orioles or the Phillies.  We still love our Tigers. Go Miggy!

I  love the beauty of the Great Lakes and Delaware has its beaches.  I haven’t visited all of them yet. Having the beaches so close is like a mini vacation.  Obviously my sole purpose of going to the beach is not to work on my tan or to swim.  I just want to sit on the beach and look cute.  I have also  enjoyed the beautiful state parks, and all that Delaware has to offer.

Delaware is a wonderful place to raise a family. Sydney and I know the proper way to eat fresh crabs now.  Can’t forget about the tax-free shopping, that is a bonus. For entertainment and concerts we have to go to Philadelphia or Wilmington.  I do miss jumping on the Lodge freeway and hitting downtown Detroit for a fun evening.  I miss the festivals and Hart Plaza, the sporting events, the food and wineries.  Do you see a pattern here?  I miss all of the food and wine from Michigan.  Deep down in my heart I truly miss my friends and family.

I’ve grown accustomed  to the cornfields, the chicken poop smell, schools closing for an inch of snow, and the fact that you can’t buy wine at Walgreens. In Delaware  everyone knows your name here.  When I am out, people will ask me “Aren’t you Lola’s daughter?  Is Ciscely your sister?  Wow, I really have to be on my best behavior living here.


Michigan holds many wonderful memories for myself and my children. It will always be home to us. Delaware has taught us to slow down, and smell the roses. To enjoy nature and the quiet evenings.  I was pretty hard on Delaware because it was so SLOW.  But sometimes slow is good. I’ve seen Harrison and Sydney grow during the past three years.  They have shown a lot of courage and even taught me a lesson or two.  Thank you Delaware for welcoming Copher’s Community, helping me brave the storm to start over and find peace.



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