My Mommy Used To Say

Love this lady!

Can you recall some of the sayings that your parents said to you when you were younger?  We all probably heard some of the following: “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” “I’ve got eyes in the back of my head.” “It’s raining cats and dogs.”  My mommy had a few sayings or rules that she would say to my sister and I.  When we heard these sayings we knew we had to follow them.

She would tell us to ” Stay out of grown folks business/conversations.” She didn’t have to repeat that statement.  We knew the minute she had a group of adults over to the house or she was talking to an adult on the phone to run. We vanished until she would give us the all clear to come out. She taught us respect.

At dinner time my mommy would say,  “Eat all of the food on your plate. Don’t you know there are starving children in Africa?” So my smart response was that I could send my food to them in Africa.  She didn’t have to speak. She would just look at me and I knew to eat all of my peas. Ugh!

My mommy used to say, “Don’t make my tell you twice”  Now this saying was harder for me to grasp. But I soon learned that when she gave directions you responded the first time.  You didn’t wait until a commercial came on, or you finished playing your game.  You went to her “Johnny on the spot” as she would say.

“Don’t embarrass me in public.” Now these were not threats. These were just friendly reminders for my sister and I that our behaviors were a reflection on the family and how we were perceived in public.  Sissy and I were not angels by any means.  But we knew how to conduct ourselves in an appropriate manner.  And if we were to “act a fool”, we waited until we got home.

My mommy used to say “You know they have cameras in their house.” She would tell us this when we would visit peoples homes and when we went shopping in stores.  I remember one day being in her friend’s house and I was waving at a smoke detector in the ceiling, thinking that it was a camera.

Lately, I have found myself using my own sayings with Harrison and Sydney.  I am sure that one day they will look back and laugh at my “mommy sayings”.

I say “Jesus take the wheel”.  I know that this is a song.  But I can’t remember  all of the lyrics.  So when I can no longer take what is going on at the moment.  I need to call on a higher power. I say Jesus, take the wheel! When you feel like all hope is gone and you need direction in any area of your life. Just ask Jesus to take the wheel. The answers you need will come not right away but peace will.

When I am thankful and full of praise that’s when I shout “Won’t He Do It!”   When we have made it through the day without a meltdown, when I got a job in my current district where people said I didn’t stand a chance.  “Won’t He Do It!  God always has a ram in the bush, you have to hold on and  believe.  Even Sydney and Harrison are saying “Won’t he do it.” when they heard about our Disney trip.

Do you have any sayings that only you and your family would understand?  Now that I am raising my children I find myself doing  and saying some of the same things that I swore I would never do.  But guess what, I didn’t comprehend the importance as a child.  As an adult I see the power and the purpose. So when you hear Harrison say, “My momma said…” Get ready!





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