What A Man! What A Man!


Let’s do a quick recap from my season finale My First Date.  I was going to drag this out and tell you about the 29-year-old that was stalking me on Match, or the 40-year-old man and his love of cats.  But I realize that it is best to let these things just stay in the past.  I left off with me winking back  at “alpha1906”.  You see I think I had more fun looking at the profile names that people picked for themselves than reading their profiles.  The profile names gave me enough information about a person and  sometimes too much information.  Are you wondering what my profile name is?  Don’t worry I didn’t pick Brown Sugar.  My profile name was Romance214.

After winking, I admit I was intrigued to see if he would respond.  I promised myself not to get my hopes up or act like a teenager.  Who am I kidding? I was watching my phone like a crazy woman waiting for an email notification from him.  After my evening routine with the kids I had a chance to sit down and pay bills online.  That’s when it happened.  Alpha1906 emailed me back.  After several exchanges of basic get to know you emails on Match.  He sent me his phone number.  So me being a woman on the verge I called him.  I figured what do I have to lose?

This was definitely stepping out of my  comfort zone for me.  I admit I had butterflies in my stomach waiting to see if he would answer.  So, I ended the call.  Yes, I did, yes I did.  I took a moment to pray and I sent him a text message.  I figured he  probably wouldn’t answer my call because of the 248 area code and I was right.  Now, I am thinking he thinks I am crazy. I called, hung up and then sent a text message.  But I was ready to try it again.

I called again and this time alpha1906 answered my call.  We had a great conversation that evening. Taking turns asking those necessary questions. There wasn’t that awkward silence because the conversation flowed nicely.  As much as I like to text, having a conversation on the phone or in person works best for me.  We decided to meet after he returned from a business trip in one week.  So I thought that was a good sign.  In the meantime, what do I do with the remaining time on Match?  All of this happened on  March 17th so I was feeling pretty lucky and didn’t want to push my luck. Should I keep  winking, responding to emails and checking out my daily matches? Or wait for alpha1906?  Well if you know me, I waited for alpha1906 and signed off of Match.com.

One thing surprised me was that  while he was away on his business trip he would text and check on me. I thought that was nice. But my daily life was keeping me pretty busy, and I didn’t think much about it.  Life continued for me and it wasn’t until he was returning to Delaware, that I  started to second guess my choice of actually meeting him in person.  Of course I went into my prayer closet and prayed for wisdom.

Upon his return to Delaware he called me to  set up our “first date”.  We decided to meet at Panera Bread at the mall on a Sunday afternoon.  I felt good about the location. It would be a safe meeting place and hard for him to kidnap me in daylight without a fight. Now I just needed to secure a sitter for a few hours.  I remember calling my girls and giving them all of his details. They would of course text or call during the date to check on me.

The day arrived and I was ready to venture out on a date with alpha1906.  It was a sunny afternoon and I was so nervous.  I hate the mall so I made sure to get their early. Since it was such a nice day. I decided to sit outside on a bench and of course journal while I waited.  With five minutes left before he was to arrive, I panicked and forgot what he looked like.  I started staring at every man who walked by.  I was a hot mess. The only thing I could do to help me relax was to journal. While I had my head down writing, I heard a voice say, “Excuse me miss is this seat taken?”  Did he just try to use a Billy Dee Williams line on me?  Well it worked.

We had a wonderful time and we learned more about each other. He asked a lot of questions about my children. I explained autism and epilepsy and he wanted to know more. We walked the mall for a bit because he had returns to make and then he walked me back to my car and we said our goodbyes.

It was nice having an adult “male” conversation and having some time away from the kids. After getting home I received a text from alpha1906. He said he had a nice time and would like to see me again. But I think his next statement meant the most. He said “Brooke autism doesn’t scare me.” That made me smile.

Remember I am not in a rush to go back to the altar. It was just refreshing to meet a gentleman. Now I haven’t shared him on social media for  a reason. I’ve shared so much of my personal life  with my friends over the past two months on my blog. I figured you all don’t  want to know everything!   I thought I would hold off and not add my relationship status on Facebook just yet. It has only been five months.😊

Now some of you may be thinking she’s making this up. There is no alpha1906. He’s not on Instagram, and she hasn’t brought him to any family functions. Well, my coworker and friend Katie and my niece Kayla can vouch for me. He is real and not imaginary.

No matter what happens with alpha1906. I have made a friend that is kind and respectful with a little southern charm. At least I think I found my handyman and my plus 1 if I ever need a date. As for online dating, I think I’m done with that. My confidence is back and I’m ready to network and meet new people in person.

Ladies be as picky with your men as you are with your selfies!



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