My First Date

Sometimes I have to use my Sydney face.

So I have decided to take you inside the world of dating in your 40’s. If you are happily married go cook your spouse a wonderful meal and say thank you Jesus.

If you are divorced like me, single, never married or just out of a long-term relationship, ask Jesus to take the wheel.  Remember to  think positive about entering into the dating world. Remember that what you put out is what you will attract.  Say thank you Jesus and pray!

In my Dating After Divorce blog, I gave my readers a few tips on dating. Some of you have said that the tips have been helpful.  Let me share with you how I ventured out into the dating world three years after my divorce.

My teaching partners Susan and Kelly bought me a one month subscription on  for my birthday.  I gave them the password and told them to wink away!  They were my “million dollar match makers.”

After two weeks I had my first date.  Susan was my “wing man” for the evening. Just in case I needed to be rescued she was there.  First, he was late and that was a turn off.  But I pulled it together.  When he arrived he was very apologetic. He told me he usually runs late.  Hmmm, I think that is when I gave him the Sydney face.  Thank goodness the hostess walked up and we were taken to our seats for dinner.

Since I was new at this I was prepared to pay for my dinner.  I didn’t know what the new rules were for this.  It was extremely awkward.  I ordered a glass of wine and an appetizer and he just wanted water. Now I remember in the past I would have eaten like a bird.  But let’s face it I was out on a date with an adult and no kids. I was going to enjoy my dinner.

After the basic questions and the awkward silence I was thinking this is not happening for me.  When he asked me about my children, I told him everything. When I asked if he wanted children. He said he wasn’t sure.  Check please!!!!!!!

So my mind switched to, this is just a business dinner.  Make it all about him and enjoy my food and conversation.  I could have called Susan to bail me out.  But I wasn’t in danger so I hung in there.  So date one was coming to an end. The check came and he paid for everything.  That was a nice gesture.  After dinner we said our goodbyes and I joined Susan at the bar for drinks and my debriefing.

Date one done, and it wasn’t a disaster but it was a confidence booster for me.  I think we both knew we didn’t click and I was fine with that.

Well it was now day 29 and the clock was ticking on my subscription. I made sure to tell Susan to go in and cancel the subscription.  Well, we both forgot and I had another month of online dating drama.  But it was that first day, that I shouldn’t have had a membership that someone winked at me.  Hold up wait a minute!  I winked back.  Let’s see what happens now.

To Be Continued…….


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