Questions For Ms.Copher


What better way to get prepared for school then to recall some of the best things that my students have asked me over the years.  Keep in mind that I have been teaching for a long time and most of these questions are from my teaching career in Michigan.  But my top three are from my second graders here in Delaware that make me smile.  Here is my top ten list of the funniest things that my students have said to me.

10. Mrs. Copher are you pregnant or is your belly just big?

9. Mrs. Copher my dad said you are really beautiful.(awkward)

8. Mrs. Copher what did you do to your hair today?

7. Why do you always wear black?

6. Mrs. Copher is that your husband?  Well, do you have a boyfriend too?

5.Mom, uh I mean Mrs. Copher can I ______________?

4. Mrs. Copher you don’t look so good. You should stay home tomorrow.

3. Mrs. Copher is your husband dead or did he just leave you?

2. Mrs. Copher I like your new ring.  Did you get married over the weekend? No? That’s okay your prince charming is coming soon.

1. While riding on the bus to a field trip I hear.  “Mrs. Copher you know you don’t have to sit in the back of the bus anymore.  Dr. King fixed that.”

Just imagine trying to keep a straight face and not laugh.  The funniest thing is that they would ask me these questions out of the blue.  And then I would just continue on with lesson. I can only imagine what Harrison and Sydney are saying at school.

Out of the mouth of babes.






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