Say Hello To Your New Beginning


The scariest thing to think about is starting over.  When your life changes suddenly due to a death of a loved one, divorce, illness, or a loss of a job your world begins to shift.  It is a scary feeling to be out of your comfort zone.  Don’t think of it as punishment. Look at it as your chance to start a new beginning. Sometimes a fresh start is all that we need.

I’ve learned the importance of living everyday to the fullest. When I think about mistakes that I have made in my past it helps me to plan where I am going next.  We learn from our mistakes. We shouldn’t be ashamed of them or let them haunt us daily.  Think of your mistakes as a stepping stone. Now if you choose to continue to make the same mistakes over and over, you will have to deal with the consequences. Then that’s on you.

When you experience a devastating event or a major life change, you are being given a “do-over”.  Begin each day with a clean slate.  A chance for you to embrace your passion, follow your dreams, and make a difference in the lives of the people who you come in contact with each day.


My new beginning  was definitely spreading autism awareness and bringing all of you into our life with autism.  A Woman’s Work was a new beginning for me.  I hid my passion for writing for so long.  Once I shared the blog with the world, everything that I blogged about was now real and I felt at peace.

At first I thought that people would look at me differently after reading my blog.  Before I post a blog, I ask myself what is the purpose?   How will this message help someone?  I admit at first I was concerned if people didn’t read it or find it interesting to them.  But then I realized my blogs were reaching the people who it was supposed to touch.  So sharing my passion with others was working, one person at a time.

By no means do I have all of the answers.  But my life experiences have taught me to face fear in the eyes, to confront my enemies, to advocate for special needs families and to raise my children to the best of my ability.

What does  your new beginning look like?  What do you want to share with the world?  Are you ready to change careers? Start a family? Ready to settle down?  Search your heart.  You will know which areas you will want to focus on.

My vision for my life is finally going on a straight path.  That doesn’t mean the road will always be straight.  I will have to adjust my journey along the way.  There may be a detour, but I must find a way to get around it and keep going. Won’t you join me and start your journey today?

My passion is making a difference.


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