Tips for Living A Stress Free Life


Stress is everywhere.  It is on your job, in your home,  finances, and in relationships.  Do you think that it is possible to live a stress free life?  My answer five years ago would have been “Hell no”. Now I would have to disagree with that and say that it is possible. The power is in our hands to manage the stress in our lives.

When I think about how I allowed stress to live in my life, my heart, on my job, and in my home.  I get angry with myself. We have control over what we allow to focus on in our lives.  Yes, there will be stressful times. But we don’t have to accept them and dwell on them.

Let’s take the workplace for example.  Depending on your profession, you may experience more or less stress than others.  The key is not to let the stress lead to high blood pressure, a stroke, a breakdown, a heart attack or other serious illnesses. If your workplace is causing you stress you have the power to fix the situation.  Remember these tips the next time you encounter a stressful situation at work.

  • Remain calm and be silent.  Sometimes people will try their best to push your buttons to get a reaction from you.  By you remaining silent, this gives you time to process what you just experienced and to not respond in a manner that you may regret.
  • If you are feeling anxious or stressed about something involving work take some time to change your way of thinking.  Before you enter your job you should pray. Pray for peace, wisdom, great communication and favor.  By favor I don’t mean to be the teacher’s pet or your supervisor’s favorite.  I mean to have favor with your co-workers, clients, parents whoever your job allows you to come in contact with.
  • Take time to change your scenery. Even if you just walk outside and get some fresh air for five minutes, that can renew your strength. Find a quiet spot to read or listen to music and not check your emails. Don’t tell yourself that you are  being anti-social either.
  • Find a safe zone/trusted co-worker.  You should have one person that you can confide in at your job.  I didn’t say ten people, you only need one.  When you have ten people you are telling the same story to, the version tends to change.  Just like when we were kids and we played the telephone game.  We start off with a phrase and by the time it makes it around the circle, the entire topic has changed. I also caution people to be able to repeat whatever they have said to their trusted friend or co-worker.  Just in case they are confronted about it in the future.
  • Approach your job with the mindset that you will give it all that you have.  That you will accept your responsibility, act in a professional manner and take pride in what you do.
  • If your job brings you so much stress that it makes it hard for you to go to work each day or makes you physically ill.  It is time to let go of the stress, or let go of who is stressing you out.  Everyone may not neccessarily get along on your job, but smiling and being cordial goes a long way.
  • I admit at times I am a competitive person.  A little competition is healthy.  The problem is that some people bring competition into the workplace at the expense of hurting others.

Everyday I thank God for my job. I love my job and I take it very seriously.  This year I set goals for myself in areas that I would like to improve on.   You have to remember that there is always room for improvement no matter how long you’ve been working in your profession.

I’ll never forget what a retiring  teacher told me when I was teaching in Michigan. There were a few co-workers that criticized my every move, wouldn’t include me in their lunch or planning. I was stressing out so much trying to figure out how not to be treated like an outcast.   She reminded me that if I died that day, the school would not close the doors. They would mourn me and maybe put my picture up in the hallway and get a new teacher. But life would go on.

Her words remind me to work hard but not to work myself to death.  You only have one life to live.  Do more of what you love and get rid of the stress that is weighing you down.


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