Just One Of Those Days


Yes, I am really hiding from my children  in my closet. Syd has been up since 2:30 am. The positive is that today I work from 12:30-8:00 for Meet The Teacher Night. That gives me some extra time to regroup.

We had a “to do” list of things that needed to be done before noon when I drop the kids off with my mommy. I could feel myself becoming overwhelmed because of the lack of sleep. I knew a quick blog and a little talk with Jesus would get me back on track.

So I had to prioritize my list again. I have to go to  the middle school and drop off medications, asthma plans, seizure plans and epi-pens, etc. I must take Syd to get her lab work done. The other things will have to wait.

I’ve prepped Sydney that she will be with Grandma longer today. Harrison is all set to finish his summer reading packet, because that’s how we roll. I am prepared to meet my new class and parents tonight.

After praying I feel  much better. I’m still tired but God will give me strength.

I must always remember to be the kind of teacher I would want my children to have. Regardless of how much sleep I get, or any other plot twists that occur. Once I walk into school, I’m in teacher mode. I wonder if there’s a closet at school I can use if needed?

I will look like I got all of my beauty sleep, even if I’m up all night.



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