I Got The Power


There’s a song by Mary Mary called Shackles.  A verse from that song is Take the shackles off my feet so I can dance. I just want to praise you. I just want praise you.  Broke the chains so I can lift my hands. I just want to praise you Lord.

After listening to that song this weekend.  I felt stronger than  I have ever felt before.  August 27th, yes is Sydney’s birthday which is a time to be celebrated.   But for the past five years there has been a black cloud over her birthday.  It was a day of seizures, meltdowns,  and the day we drove ten hours in the rain from Michigan to Delaware.  This year it was different and not just because their dad was present.  This year Sydney planned her birthday. She made lists of what she wanted to wear, what she wanted to eat, and which presents she wanted.  She read all of her cards that she received.  For the first time in years.  She knew that this was her special day. Even today she is still talking about her birthday.

I want to write about how empowered I feel. I am stronger and more confident especially when it comes to controlling my life and claiming what is mine.  I was glad that their dad had a chance to see them. He saw two amazing children being raised by a kick ass mom, as my former co-worker Austin said.  Their dad saw two siblings that truly love each other and a brother that will protect and love his sister no matter what.  Their dad saw a young gentlemen that held the door for other people and held a conversation in an articulate manner with complete strangers.  Since their dad was paying for our meal,  I just kept ordering mango mojitos.


Their dad also saw that the shackles were broken off of me.  He wasn’t looking at the same woman who he saw three years ago.  My self-esteem was through the roof. I was in control and it was an empowering feeling.  I was walking boldly like Giselle, down the runway at the opening ceremony of the Olympics.  I am proud of the woman that I have become, and the mother that I am. Looking at my past prepared me for my future. There comes a time when you realize that some of the things that happened to you in your past were things that you allowed to happen. The boldness I have now, no one can take away from me.  My boldness does not mean I am cocky or conceited.  It means I am empowered.

I can be changed by what happens to me. But I refuse to be reduced by it. ~Maya Angelou

Women I encourage you to use your vision and empower more women to follow your path. Your actions speak volumes, remember  you have an audience watching your every move. Never settle for mediocre.


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