School Daze


Well, we survived the first day of school.  I knew we would even if there were a few hiccups to start off our day. There was a brief moment when I was in a daze, that this was ” the day”. We woke up on time and things were running smoothly.  Until I walked back upstairs to check on Harrison.  That’s when  I noticed he was dressed and ready, but back under the covers asleep.  Music motivates me so I put on Eye of Tiger by Survivor to help get him pumped up. It wasn’t until I started singing along that he decided to get up.

I was able to get my first day pictures, thanks to  Dana and her beautiful sign. We were waiting on the porch ten minutes early for the bus.  The estimated arrival time was 6:56, so we were ready.  Harrison had a few jitters, but he shook it off like a champ.  By this time I realized that the bus is now ten minutes late.  You all know Where’s Waldo? Well we were playing Where’s bus 100?

I called transportation and they said to look for another bus to pick the kids up.  I debated for a moment if I should drive them to school.  But I knew if I did that I was setting a precedent for Sydney that I would drop them off everyday. So we prayed and waited.  I received a call from transportation saying that they would send another bus to pick up the children.  In my mind I thought, I can’t be late for the first day of school with my own students.  The longer we waited Syd wanted another wardrobe change.  Jesus take the wheel.

My new reaction is just to smile when there is a bump in the road.  The kids were now safely on their way to school.  All I could do was pray that the delay didn’t trigger a meltdown for Sydney and that Harrison wouldn’t worry if he was late to homeroom. Now it was my time, not to rush out the door. I needed a minute to “get my mind right”.  I had to block out every negative thought that popped  into my head and replace it with a positive thought.  During my quiet time I heard a honking sound.  So I open the door and see a bus in front of the house.  My first thought was that Sydney hijacked the bus and drove it back home.  So I run out to the bus, forgetting that I had my head scarf wrapped around my head like Erykah Badu.  It was a dispatcher that heard the kids were stranded and he was coming to pick them up.  I thanked him and he told me to call transportation to get things straightened out.

Now transportation would have to wait because I needed to switch my mindset to teacher mode.  I made it to work on time.  Before I went in the building, I gave myself a pep talk.  I prayed for peace, happy kids, strength not to want a nap at noon and to start the year off on a positive note with my class. I am blessed to have a wonderful teaching partner and 24 pretty amazing kids.

Day One down.  Each day will only get better.  Believe that and claim it!

My evenings are devoted to my own children and I am at peace with that.


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