A Woman’s Work

A fresh start, a clean slate and a brave soul. Ready to follow my dreams.


I want to share with you the story behind the title of my blog.  Yes, part of it was inspired by Maxwell’s song This Woman’s Work and a night of crying into my pillows.  I remember listening to every sad love song I could find.  And then I watched every movie about relationships, divorce, and betrayal you name it.  Basically I watched all of the Tyler Perry Movies, Waiting to Exhale, Diary of a Mad Black Woman, Lifetime and How Stella Got Her Groove Back.

After listening to the songs, watching the movies and eating sushi, I knew that my pity party couldn’t go on forever.  I had major decisions to make and none of them involved getting revenge.  I knew that if I did anything stupid out of anger, my life could change in a minute.  I have seen Orange is the New Black and baby I wouldn’t last one night in jail. I also knew that I had to classy because I didn’t need my ex-husband to have any ammunition to use against me in divorce court. Plus that was never my style. I am not one for confrontation and I wouldn’t allow him to push me to that point.

Was I hurt, angry, sad, confused and depressed?   Yes, I was. I was going through the motions after finding out that my ex-husband had been unfaithful.  But that night I had to make a decision.  Would I fight or give up?   I was embarrassed, but quickly found out how many people close to me experienced what I was going through. I remember switching my movie focus to watching Rocky, The Godfather(my favorite movie), Rudy and Hoosiers.  I watched movies that had a message that showed the underdog come out on top.  See I was the underdog.  But I refused to be stepped on, disrespected and mistreated.  My ex-husband never physically abused me and for that I am thankful.  I know many women that are living in a domestic violent situation. My prayers for safety and strength are with them. You are not alone.

The lyrics from This Woman’s Work really spoke to me, or maybe it was Maxwell’s handsome face in the video.



My life had a purpose and I would not stop living. I didn’t know how but I would find the strength from somewhere. It was that night that I wrote in my journal for hours. Poems, essays, and short stories. I wrote it all. My love of writing saved me. My love of writing gave me hope. I have so much more work to do. This is only the beginning.

A woman’s work is never done!


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