No More To Do Lists

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I am done with making To Do Lists and putting sticky notes all over the walls of my house.  My phone has enough alerts going off, that it sounds like a classical music selection. Instead of creating a To Do List every day,  I am going to create a To Be List. The To Do Lists that I would create would just look the same each day with four extra things added to the bottom of list.  It was depressing because I could only cross off one or two things each day.

My To Be List each day will be much different and much shorter.  There’s no need to make the lists.  I know exactly what needs to be done.  So I plan on changing my focus. Take a sneak peek at my To Be List for today.

Brooke’s To Be List

  • Be determined
  • Be a blessing to someone
  • Be generous
  • Be forgiving
  • Be happy
  • Be at peace with my decisions

I think I should stop there.  Everyday I need to refocus my mind for the day.  I need to think about how my attitude will help me throughout the day. It is amazing how I would let people determine how my day would go, because of their actions or attitude towards me.  Everyday I want to get better and improve.  Looking at my day differently is the perfect way to start.

What’s on your list today?



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