Mommy Are You Dating?


Sometimes I forget that my children are getting older and are more observant.  I forget sometimes that they are watching my every move.

Alpha 1906 met my children.  This was a big step for me but I thought it was time.  Alpha 1906 and I have a great friendship/relationship. Do I call him my boyfriend? Boo? Babe? My man?   Do I change my FB status?  I don’t know how that works anymore.  All I know is that it is nice to have someone show me the respect that I deserve. I love the fact that he knows that my children come first and he is concerned for them.  Next step is for him to meet the parents.



Harrison is now asking a million questions. Here are just the latest from the weekend.

  • Mom, does dad know you are dating?
  • Mom, do your parents know that you are dating?
  • Do I need to chaperone your next date?
  • Do you know self-defense?
  • If you marry him will you have to get another divorce?

I was doing fine with all of his questions until the very last one. The divorce was hard on my children.  Especially since they don’t know the details behind the divorce. After their dad’s visit I think Harrison was able to get some of his questions answered. Which gave him some comfort but still has him curious.

Dating after a divorce for me has been a process.  My children see me happy and I know that is what they want.  Sydney is dealing with anger.  She knows it should be mommy, a daddy, Harrison and Sydney all under the same roof.  I think that is why she sleeps so much better at my parents house.  Because my dad is there.  She told her dad she has a step daddy! Awkward, I hear crickets. I’ll have another Mango Mojito please.


I tried to explain it to Harrison and Sydney the best way I knew how, by being honest.  I told them I am dating again.  And I still love them very much.  I told them they are still my  first priority and that sometimes I will go out on dates.  Not every night or every weekend. Who am I kidding?  I couldn’t even get a sitter to go to the gym on Saturday for an hour. But I want them to feel comfortable and relaxed when I do go out on a date with Alpha 1906.

I want a beach wedding. Just saying!


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