Practice What You Preach


Today I admit I am feeling very emotional.  It is not one thing that has made my heart heavy, it is several things.  I did reflect on where I was on this day 15 years ago as our nation remembers the horrific events of that day. So I pray for the families that live with this emotion everyday not just on September 11th every year.

My heart is heavy because I know that people close to me are hurting and I wish that I could help them.  Listening to them and offering encouragement is what I am led to do. But today my prayer focus is shifting.  Today I will pray for others and not for myself.  God already knows the desires of my heart.

Today I am praying for those parents of special needs children.  I am praying that you continue to have the strength to endure each unpredictable day.  I pray that you step out on faith and continue to open your life to the world for acceptance.  I pray that as you send your child to school this week that the staff, students, and teachers see your child and TEACH your child and love your child.

Today I am praying for the person that is struggling with depression and loneliness.  Please know that you are not alone.  Know that you are amazing and you have a gift to share with the world. I pray that God reveal it to you today.

Today I pray for the college students that are away from home.  I pray for your safety.  I am praying for the parents that sent their children away for the first time to college.  Hold your head high and rejoice at the great job that you did to prepare them for this time in their life.

Today I pray for those that are having financial struggles and are searching for new job opportunities.  Know that there is always a ram in the bush.  An answer sometimes comes in the midnight hour.  Stand in faith and claim what you are believing for.

Today I pray for those that may be thinking about their grandparents today.  To those whose grandparents are angels in heaven and to those whose grandparents are living and battling illness. Remember the memories that you made and cherish your grandparents living on earth each day.

Today I pray for the marriages that are struggling.  Today I pray for restoration and peace and love.  I pray for couples to experience forgiveness and to say ” I am sorry” and mean it. If you have children, know that how you act and react sets the tone for how they will view marriage.

Sometimes when you take a moment and uplift others you will feel better and it blesses your day. Wishing you all a Happy  Sunday.

Live each day with no regrets.



2 thoughts on “Practice What You Preach

  1. Brooke,
    You always bring tears to my eyes. This post hit home hard. Thank up my friend and thank you Pinterest.
    Keep writing, you are gifted beyond belief. I pray for you today, and for your family.


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