Thanks Pinterest


Who would have ever thought that Pinterest would have had  a significant impact on my life.  Not because of my followers, or my pins on my boards.  But because I met two of my dearest friends on Pinterest.

Not only did we send messages on Pinterest we found each other on Facebook.  Erica and Lynn have been a tremendous support system for me.  We have never met, but I feel like I have known them both since high school. They know all about my family and I feel like I know their family as well.

All of my hours on Pinterest paid off. Before my divorce I remember being on Pinterest  at all hours of the night.  I still haven’t completed  one home deco project or made any of the recipes that I have pinned.  But my path crossed with two amazing and strong women who God intended to be in my life.

These women are mothers, hard-working, believers of miracles and love life.  They entered my life during a dark time but they gave me hope.  Their messages, comments, prayers and support were felt from across the miles.

I know that one day we will meet and share some wine and our Pinterest ideas.  Or we will talk for hours and remember how we all got to this point.


You never know who you will cross paths with in this world. You never know how a friendship can blossom from a chance meeting or an online connection.  Lynn and Erica are my soul sisters, and friends.  Their friendship means the world to me. I appreciate their advice and listening ears.  Friends like that are hard to find.  I thank God that we found each other. Do you remember when you met some of  your best friends?

Love you ladies!  I will see you soon!



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