Staying Sane in September


So we are half way through the first month of school.  I had so much pep in my step and now I feel like I am losing it.  We will have our first five-day school week with kids this week. That will be interesting. Bladder are you ready?   I am trying my best not to let the balancing act of single working mom, and teacher break me down.

The kids and I have a good routine after school. I just can’t sit down when I walk in the door or I won’t get up.  So I immediately begin checking folders. They go to their separate homework work stations and I float between them both.  It is really just a continuation of my work day.  I have decided no more enabling, they can both make their own lunches. I felt like I had to be the one to make the lunches and put an extra note inside their lunch boxes.  They never read my notes anyway.  They are great about getting their clothes together for the week on Sunday.  I try not to judge what they pick.  They each have their own style so I must embrace it.

So far, I haven’t forgotten to turn in any papers and have a folder for each child to keep the handouts for each month.  The tricky part is scheduling therapy sessions for Syd and other appointments. I am throwing away my calendar and trying a new technique to stay organized. I have a chalk board near the side door.  Everyone has a different color sticky note.  At our family meeting we add their activities to the schedule each week. Hopefully we won’t miss an activity.

Pictures forms, pto donations, yearbooks, and lunch accounts it is endless. The one thing about middle school is that they don’t ask for parent volunteers during the day.  So that is one thing I don’t have to feel guilty about.  I know I shouldn’t rush time by.  Seeing all of the Halloween candy and fall harvest/Thanksgiving decorations has me on edge. But it seems like September sucks all of the life out of you.  Are my kids the only ones who are outgrowing their shoes and clothes that I just bought weeks ago?
We go through this every year. And every year we get through it.  So if you are surrounded by handouts, open house, projects,  fundraisers, and sporting events, take a deep breath.  Don’t let it consume you.  Do what you can and keep on moving. Your family will enjoy the little things, the story that you read or the time you went for a walk or had a dance party.

Bring it on September. I’ve got this. At least I think so.



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