No More Waiting Rooms


I’m not sure why I didn’t have this “aha” moment sooner.  After all I should be a pro at visiting the doctor. But today I walked into the doctor’s office for my appointment. With the kids!  My appointment was scheduled for 9:45. Of course I arrived early to sign in, pay my copay and dispute a no-show fee very eloquently. When it hit me. No more waiting rooms take us to our room in the back.

Moms you can relate to taking your children to the doctor’s office. It didn’t matter if the appointment was for you or the kids. The waiting room can be a dangerous place. Most kids have an electronic device to pass the time and so do the parents. Some kids will read books or play with that annoying toy that every child wants to play with. You know the one I am talking about.


Should we ban this toy? Who is with me?

I can recall so many doctor visits that were a total nightmare even before we saw the doctor. You have to understand I don’t judge other people and their children in public places. Disability or no disability things happen. I remember having the containers of snacks, a juice box, that new dollar store toy, coloring books, the cool markers, and anything that would pass the time as we waited.

In the waiting rooms I  think I had sensory overload before we saw the doctor.  So today, I was proactive.  I asked the front desk assistant if we could go directly back to our room.  I wasn’t asking to be seen quicker, we just wanted out of the spotlight.  First she looked at me with a puzzled look on her face.  If she knew what I knew she would just give us the room. She never answered me just smiled so  I sat down with the kids.  Because the doctor was running late, they did escort us to the examination room.  We were able to relax in peace and I could prepare my questions for the doctor.

Since hospitals and doctor’s offices are our second home. I will continue to ask if we can go directly to an examination room instead of waiting in the waiting room.  A simple change like that makes a huge difference.  Special needs moms don’t be afraid to ask.  It worked for us today.



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