Autism And The Dating Game


An article listed that there is an 80% divorce rate in marriages of children with autism.  I have been divorced for three and a half years.  My struggles in my marriage began before Sydney was born.  I fought even harder to save my marriage after receiving Sydney’s diagnosis four years later.  I hate it when people say that Sydney caused my divorce.  My ex-husband had a great get of our jail free card to use if he wanted to.  I made the difficult choice to file for divorce first.

Most of you know that I started dating again.  You may  recall I was dating Alpha 1906.  Well, we are not dating anymore.  Thank God I didn’t change my FB relationship status and post our pictures. I admit for a minute I was feeling like Carrie in Sex in City when Berger broke up with her on a post it note.  Seriously, dating after divorce is hard.  Dating in your 40’s is harder.   Dating and raising a child with autism, now that is a challenge.

But I am hopeful.  I have heard from friends with children with special needs and they have found love again. In my heart I know that it takes a special person to love another man’s children.  But the heart of champion to love and embrace a child with special needs that is not his own.



I have been looking for love in all the wrong places.  Isn’t that a song?  Anyways I  will continue to work on my qualities that will make me a wonderful partner and let love find me. Maybe I will meet a neurologist or a developmental pediatrician. Or perhaps a single dad that is raising his children.  You never know.  I have decided that I will be fine. I was married for 14 years. After my divorce I was broken but look at me now.  I shine bright like a diamond.










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