My Voice Will Not Be Silent


I know that I am supposed to share our Embracing Autism life with the world. I feel it in my spirit. The more I share and reach others, obstacles are thrown in my path.  But I refuse to let that stop me.  My voice will not be silent. I will continue to blog on a variety of topics. The videos I share are just a glimpse into the world of autism.  I wish we had cameras watching us like a reality tv show then you could see the uncut version of our life.

My blogging is not for my benefit but for the benefit of others.  I want to educate others and advocate for families living with autism. I want to connect with other families and hear their stories.  But not just families living with autism.  All families that are raising children with special needs could use support.  Harrison wants to create a siblings group.  That is his vision.  He wants a place where the siblings can share and discuss their feelings. I can see him making this happen.

My voice will speak on behalf of those who are lost and confused like I was. I would love to have a support group for families. A time when we could share ideas, take mini field trips and learn from one another. I don’t want families to ever feel like they can’t share or be embarrassed about their child’s behavior.

God has placed this on my heart.  I am not sure which direction I am going in next.  But I don’t need to know the details because my steps are ordered by God.  I just need to be obedient.  If you feel in your spirit led to have fundraiser, mentor, tutor, blog don’t let fear stop you.  Listen to your heart and you will know when to start your journey. And when you do the world will be happy that you did.


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