Go To The Rock


Whitney Houston sang a song in the movie The Preacher’s Wife called I Go To The Rock. This morning that song gave me the motivation and confirmation that I  needed. I am more than  a conqueror and our future is secure.

See when you go to The Rock you take it all to God and leave it there.  All your burdens, fears,  and concerns.  You don’t worry about them anymore.  You live life with a smile on your face that makes people question how in the hell you could be smiling at a time like this.

I am standing on a firm foundation even though the earth around me is sinking sand.

Who else is ready to be clothed in strength and dignity?  And laugh at fear and look to The Rock? When I went to bed last night my a faith was wavering.  Weeping may endure for a night but joy always comes in the morning.

The tears that I cry this morning are not tears of sadness.  They are tears of joy because victory is mine.

Jesus Took The Wheel!






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