What Is Holding You Back?



Are you happy? Are you living the life that you desire? Are there changes that you can make but you still refuse to push forward?  What is holding you back?

Fear held me back for many years. The fear of failure and stepping out on faith kept me stuck.  I feared being alone and single raising my children.  It wasn’t until the last two years that I faced fears head on.  I don’t know why I let my fear of failure, and the comments of others stop me in my tracks.

When I think about October and Fall, I think of how I will reveal my dreams, my goals and my mission with the world. This is a new month and a new season. What happened last month and in the last season is in the past, a memory.  Remember you have the power to make the change needed in your life starting today.

Don’t stress about the entire year. Just focus on each month.  I love this fall bucket list.  I want to pick 4 things from the list to complete this Fall(without my kids).  Notice I didn’t write that I want to complete the entire list.  I need to start off slow and reasonable.

What will you choose to do this fall?

No more hiding. It is time for you to reveal yourself to the world.  Believe that you have so much to share with others. Enjoy the beauty of Fall and give thanks.



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