Autism comes with surprises, joy, pain, tears and success. Sydney can experience all of these emotions in one day.  Lately her speech is improving.  She is engaged and wants to have a conversation with others. Some of her speech is learned from commercials, movie clips or things from YouTube. Here are my Top Ten Sydneyisms that show the beauty of autism.

10. We’re all gonna die/Get Me Out Of Here.  I still don’t know where she learned this from.  But she always seems to say it in public which makes for an interesting outing and stares from strangers. I think we are on the terrorist watch list. Let’s hope she doesn’t yell this on the plane to Disney.

9. Mom, don’t be so dramatic.- She tells me this when she sees the worry on my face, when the bus is late, when I am on the phone with someone or trying to read her a social story. She is the real drama queen.

8. Aye, Aye Captain Sydney has been doing her chores  around the house.  But when I give her reminders she tells me this all the time and tops it off with a Yes, Ma’am!

7. This is a big time out.-This is when she knows that she has done something intentional and she can’t play the autism card with us. Don’t let her fool you.

8. Off With Their Heads-  Sydney lives Disney movies. Alice in Wonderland is definitely one of her favorites.  We were watching football yesterday and when our team lost that was her response.

9. Jumping Junebugs– I believe this  is her version of what the ? I first heard her say it when her pencil broke during homework. Then when she dropped her juice on the floor. I still don’t know where she heard that from. Now she has me saying  Jumping  Junebugs!

10. We Are Family–  She hasn’t heard the song by Sister Sledge yet. But I love when she says this. It’s always at the perfect time. When family comes over she wants a group hug and says we are family. When we go to family gatherings she is learning who the family members are and how they are related.  I love that she interacts more with our family and that they all love and accept her.


~Embracing Autism


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