All The Joy…and The Drama


When life is going great and things are running smoothly.  Life is good. We have those periods in our life when we are on top of the world.  We feel happy, loved, accepted, valued, and respected the list goes on and on.

We should feel like this everyday despite our situations.  Everyday we wake up and even before our feet hit the floor. We should be thankful and decide how we will make a difference in someone’s life.

I admit I looked to others in the past for validation and for my happiness.  One day I woke up and I finally realized that I own my own happiness.  My desire to be happy comes from within.  Anytime that we have joy at some point we will also have drama .  Drama can creep up on us from out of nowhere.  Sometimes we are sucked into the drama because of circumstances beyond our control.

Don’t allow another day to pass that is filled with unnecessary drama.  I know we all love to hear about the latest gossip and drama that’s going on in the world. That is until it is happening under our own roof. Focus on the joy and happiness even if drama stares you right in the face.

~Don’t forget to smile today, even if you do have to fake it.



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